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Maria Marshall, an English/Swiss multimedia artist exhibited in many major collections internationally, has been exploring ‘Shadow’ and ‘Mirror work’ from the inception to date, bringing her anxieties into the active experience. Initially intersecting innocence with discomfort through poignant celebrated video works, featuring her children and herself by creating dreamlike narratives. Immersive digital illusions and unique aesthetics. Referencing classical painting, both challenging and provocative, in the political familial, and emotional realms. Her recent works continue with ‘Shadow’ and ‘Mirror work’ on the subject of thought, through other mediums, including sculpture, by placing elements together that have poignant titles. Meditative action paintings.  ‘Blindfolded’ inscape drawings and paintings’ and works focus on a physical representation of ‘what the mind looks like’, mainly emulating explosive planets in the universe and immersive landscapes. Over the last five years, Marshall has created "Thought," an alter ego character who explores the mind becoming the center of her films, distinctively wearing a red dress akin to a superheroine. Marshall includes meditation as part of her rhetoric with  ‘Sufi whirls’ performed in 23 locations so far around the world, including the ‘Wailing Wall’ and the altar of the ‘Mariendome’. Marshall has made a film on ‘The theft of thought’ with a photographic series in parallel and ‘Painting out thought’ - in a standoff with a tank, where she literally paints out the tank.  A sculpture, ‘Silencing Thought,’ is part of this series- her character, the finger of her character, is held to her lips and a torn tank’s gun beside her. Marshall's works is in series, across mediums, revisiting her oeuvre to date. A lifetime body of work like a jigsaw puzzle describes with intelligent dedication the subject and the many ways of telling a story within her creative processes.

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