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The subject of Marshall’s paintings are ‘Mirror’ and Shadow work’.
‘Mirror series’. Includes sentences‘ I love myself’,  ‘ I am a star’, ‘I sparkle’, ‘Don’t mess with me I am working with the universe’, referencing Marshall’s films, ‘ love me, love yourself’.  ‘I love you mummy, I hate you’, skywriting films ‘Stearman’, and ‘Blue sky thinking’.

Marshall has produced inscape ‘Action’ painting with performative ‘Bindfolded’ drawings and paintings and performances. Describing what she sees with her eyes closed. Revisiting the kundalini energy bringing the trauma of a love lost into the active experience.  ‘When are we there’, is a film that corresponds to these works.  Her character is being touch up by invisible hands. 

In an ammunition factory built by the Nazi’s Marshall escapes into the mind by creating site specific large format cavernous immersive active landscapes. 


Marshall describes the firing of the mind in works that emulate explosive planets, using stencilled objects in her immediate surroundings to influence their content. Including earth and plastics from India, Snow from St.Moritz, 
toilet paper and hair from Berlin.

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