Thought is an alter ego superheroine character who is able to infiltrate minds and replace thoughts, eliminating fear.

The alter-ego Super-heroine that can infiltrate minds and replace thoughts.

In this new body of work, Marshall showcases Marshall's alter-ego character Thought. Thought is a conceptual heroine fashioned in the artist’s own image, who possesses the ability to eliminate fear from the mind. Furthermore, Marshall is inspired by her dedicated yoga and meditation practice to explore the multi dimensional complexities of "what the mind looks like.”

Marshall discusses this subject from different angles through the existence of her character. From dancing at 4600m at Everest basecamp the artist explores the meditative space that is created through dance. To performing acro-yoga in which Thought is positioned in a space where the mind is free to fly without constrictions.

In New Zealand Thought confronts the problems due to the sparse population and rising suicides. due to individuals being misunderstood.

In her sculptural pieces, a cast of Thought has been recycled from mass produced candle wax, made in China. The transformation is relevant to Thought’s existence as a super-heroine who represents light.​​


Exhibiting in New York at Art and Leisure( 2017/18), Marshall installs Í can see the wood for the trees´, a film installation on opposite walls of the gallery. In a standoff with a tank, Thought paints out the tank, alongside, Érasing Thought´(photograph)and ´Silencing Thought´(sculpture ) and Stille 7(painting), In all of these works Marshall looks at our relationship with ´thought´.


"what am I not seeing" exhibition

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